Why Camp Unplugged?


Why is a detox or tech-fast necessary?

Dr. Victoria Dunckley in her book, “Reset Your Child's Brain: A Four-Week Plan to End Meltdowns, Raise Grades, and Boost Social Skills by Reversing the Effects of Electronic Screen-Time”, discovered that 28 or more days of digital screen removal helps with resolving behavioral and emotional problems in children. Those important days are likely the time needed for healing of the mind and body and resetting the hormonal levels that are skewed due to excessive use and abuse. While we unplug from negative thoughts, avoid harmful behaviors, and addictions, our journey to better emotional and physical health starts with a tech-fast. Our mind clears and our hormonal levels reset to a new baseline as we practice self-discipline, restraint, and starving our senses.

Why would I send my kid to camp when we can just manage screen time more in our home?

That is a valid question. We have found that in-home detoxes don’t work as well as physically getting out of the house. Camp takes campers away from home, parents, friends, school, temptations of screen time, and puts them into a place where they will be challenged, meet new friends, explore new hobbies, learn about the Christian faith, deal with conflict (that is sure to arise in 28 days), and ultimately reset their neurochemistry. When they go back into their daily routines at home they will be prepared to deal with boredom, frustration, disappointment, loneliness and all the other things that would normally push them back to excessive digital media use.

This program also offers education for the parents back at home. Parents will receive webinars online by the same world thought leaders that are teaching the campers. This will have to be a lifestyle change for the entire household if things are to change with the campers. Parents will receive several books upon registration in order to orient themselves with what the campers will be learning on site.

What will campers be learning at camp?

Tech Education: Campers will take part in seminars by world thought leaders in their fields and complete the curriculum workbook by the end of camp. The main curriculum for this program is the Digital Vortex Survival Guide and teaches campers about how screen time affects their neurochemistry and development. They will also be well prepared to go back home where the real battle for their minds takes place.

Spiritually: Campers will participate in daily devotions with their cabin groups, worship times, and group discussions. The teaching will be lead by leaders of PCCC.

Skill Development: Campers will be involved in several service projects around Palomar Mountain and the surrounding Native American Reservations. They will learn how to do their laundry (they will only bring 1 week worth of clothes). They’ll participate in dining hall clean up and cabin clean up. They will also get the amazing opportunity to learn First Aid and CPR!

Camp Lessons: Sometimes there a lessons that campers go home with that stay will them for years to come. Lessons such as dealing with conflict, working on a team, living with roommates, respecting authority, being others-focused, learning to reflect and become self aware are among several lessons that are bound to come up.

Why is it a Christian program?

Get Unplugged LLC is partnering with Palomar Christian Conference Center in San Diego, California, in order to transform lives. After you remove bad habits there needs to be something to replace it or else you’ll fall right back into the habit. Christian disciplines like reading the Bible, prayer, and attending worship services allows you disconnect from life and get a larger perspective on life around you.

If you would like more information on the spiritual aspect of camp, please contact PCCC at (760) 742-3400.