These speakers are experts in each of their fields. They are excellent communicators and have great messages to share with your organization, church, school, etc. Please contact them through their personal websites in order to inquire about their classes and workshops.


Julie Doan, RN, Certified Life Coach

Julie Doan is a registered nurse who has an interest in child development, neuroscience, and digital media addictions. She is married to Dr. Andrew Doan.  Dr. Andrew and Julie Doan research digital media addictions and methods to help families thrive by overcoming digital media overuse. She and her husband founded Real Battle Ministries and have given talks around the world about the problems associated with digital media overuse. She is a highly-demanded speaker with near-perfect 5-star Verified Reviews®. Dr. Andrew & Julie Doan have over 95,000 followers on Facebook. They also have over 550,000 followers on their Christian Recovery Resource Facebook page where they evangelize, teach, and share about the consequences of excessive digital media use. Julie is the mother of two college students and one pre-teen girl. 


  • Life coaching


Christie walsh, president of Get Unplugged and Real Battle Ministries

Christie Walsh is the Director of Development for Real Battle Ministries. She is a graduate of UCSD with a BA in Economics. As a Management Analyst for one of the largest healthcare providers in Southern California, she has found great satisfaction in finding solutions in healthcare delivery. After spending 10 years dedicated to studying the problems associated with digital media overuse and finding solutions for her family, she realized that this is an issue which is affecting the best and the brightest of our youth, is a worldwide phenomenon, spans every age group, and must be made known. Christie, together with Julie Doan and Real Battle Ministries, has developed curriculum to educate and empower people to help win the Real Battle of digital media overuse.


  • Tech-Affects on the Brain


Victoria Dunckley, MD

A California native, Dr. Dunckley graduated cum laude with a biology degree at the University of California San Diego, and received her Medical Doctorate at Albany Medical College. In the past ten years, her Book, “Reset Your Child’s Brain” and Reset Program has helped more than five hundred children, teens, and young adults who failed to respond to conventional treatment alone. Thus, enabling them to reduce or end meltdowns, improve their school grades and boost social skills by reversing the effects of electronic screen-time.

She is an award-winning integrative psychiatrist who has appeared as a mental health expert on such media outlets as the TODAY show, NBC Nightly News, and the Investigation Discovery network She lives and practices in Los Angeles.


  • Is Your Child’s Brain at Risk?

  • Why the 4-week plan to reset your child’s brain by eliminating all screen time for 28 days is so important.  

  • Action Plans for the Home, School, and Community. 


Opal Singleton, President and CEO of Million Kids

Opal Singleton is the President and CEO of Million Kids and serves as the
Training and Outreach Coordinator for the Riverside County Anti-Human
Trafficking Task Force. She has trained more than 250,000 government
and individual leaders about labor trafficking, child sex trafficking,
sextortion, child pornography and social media exploitation. She often
appears on television and radio talk shows across the United States.

Opal is the author of “Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers,”
and “Societal Shift: A world without borders… a home without walls”. She
hosts two weekly radio shows. KTIE 590 AM broadcasts “Exploited:
Crimes and Technology” throughout Southern California. “Exploited:
Crimes against Humanity” is a weekly global internet human exploitation
training program that broadcasts through Voice America to more than
170 countries.


  • Equips parents with insight into how human trafficking works

  • The psychological profile predators search out

  • Practical ways to stay vigilant for your household


Cris Rowan, BScOT, BScBi, SIPT CEO Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapy Inc. and Zone’in Programs Inc.

Cris Rowan is a pediatric occupational therapist, biologist, renown author of the book “Virtual Child”, and international speaker passionate about changing the ways in which children use technology. Cris’s concept Balanced Technology Management urges more engagement in 4 critical factors for development and learning: movement, touch, human connection and nature. Citing over 300 research studies showing technology’s detrimental impact on children in four domains – physical, mental, social, and cognitive, Cris poses the question “Are the ways in which we are raising and educating children with technology sustainable”? Cris is CEO of Zone’in Programs Inc. offering workshops, programs, training, and consultation services to parents, health professionals, and educators world wide.


  •  How overuse affects your daily physical, mental, academic performance

  • Balancing screen time to achieve well-being

  • Life-long physical consequences of too much screen time


Madlin Mangrum, Digital Wellbeing Coach and a Gallup Certified StrengthsFinder Coach

Madlin is available to speak about:

  • Digital Wellbeing

  • Raising Healthy Digital Natives

  • Discovering and Living from your  Strengths

At year-end Madlin holds “VFF Vision Quests” – VFF stands for “Vital Friends Forever.”  Madlin leads groups of women in setting goals and using their God-given strengths to accomplish them.

See Madlin at upcoming engagements or book her heartfelt and engaging presentations for your:

  • MOPS groups

  • Women’s conferences

  • Moms Groups

  • Women’s Groups

  • Women’s retreats

  • Business Women’s conferences

Madlin is based in the Dallas area.


Charlie Campbell, Christian Apologist, founder of Always be ready Apologetics ministry

Charlie Campbell is an author, Christian apologist, and the Founder of the ABR Apologetics Ministry (AlwaysBeReady.com). Since founding ABR in 2005, he has been invited to speak at hundreds of churches on a wide variety of topics related to the defense of the Christian faith. Prior to committing full-time to ABR, Charlie was an instructor at the Calvary Chapel Bible College (in Murrieta, California) and the Director of The School of Discipleship & Ministry (in Vista, California)—where he taught courses on apologetics, world religions and cults, systematic theology, eschatology, church history, hermeneutics, and evangelism (1997-2005). His books and DVDs have been endorsed by Charles Colson, Norman Geisler, Ed Hindson, Chuck Smith, Nancy DeMoss, and others.


Jon Moffat

Cyber Education Consulting is dedicated to teaching people of all ages the many dangers of the online world and empowering them with the necessary tools to use the internet safely. Our presentation is constantly changing as we update in order to keep up with today’s trends in technology.


David I. Levy, Neurosurgeon, Author

Using his knowledge of the Bible and the brain, Dr. Levy’s vision is to reveal God’s wisdom in a fresh and engaging way, helping people understand God is good and desires relationship. When stressed and distracted, it is difficult to connect and enjoy relationship with God (or anyone else). In a world of increasing noise, Dr. Levy is creating exercises to quiet and focus the mind. Developing healthy relationships with God, self and others should bring clarity, joy, peace­­––as God intended.