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What’s the problem?

Social media and video games were designed to boost our creativity, social connection, capabilities, and knowledge. It has done just the opposite. We have let it tear apart families, limit our social skills, stunt creativity and imagination, and yet we can’t live without it.

Technology has so many incredible benefits, however, if not used correctly and in healthy amounts, it has proven to do just the opposite.

“In our society, we have social media, video games, and an abundance of entertainment to help us feel good and help us in our lives. Digital media increase brain dopamine and release of hormones. However, we must not overuse nor be drunk in these activities. Moderation in activities is important to our emotional and physical health.”

Digital Vortex Survival Guide

Online Resources

Technology addiction is rising quickly and there are several different organizations emerging with the same goal - help families unplug and reconnect with their loved ones. Several of these people are doctors and experts in their fields and have experienced the affects of overuse personally. They have wisdom and insight.

Real Battle Ministries

The Real Battle mission is to raise awareness on the issues surrounding video game addiction and technology overuse conflict in the home.

Victoria L. Dunckley MD

Helping youth realize their full potential through reversing the effects of electronic screen time.

Madlin mangrum - Unplugged Family

Contending for Digital Wellbeing and Connection

Dr. David I. Levy

Using his knowledge of the Bible and the brain, Dr. Levy’s vision is to reveal God’s wisdom in a fresh and engaging way, helping people understand God is good and desires relationship. 

MILlion kids

Million Kids is dedicated to combating human trafficking, sex trafficking, child pornography and exploitation through education, training, prevention and supportive services.

Palomar Christian Conference CENTER

PCCC exists to reach the lost for Christ and to pursue spiritual growth through the study of God’s Word.

Zone’in Workshops

Manage Technology with Healthy Living