“What’s the problem? They’re just games.”

From birth to 18 years of age, children have a limited amount of time for development and mastery of skills. What your child does, the games your child play, and the thoughts they have will determine who and what they will be in the future. Using too much technology: video games, cell phones, and screen time will sacrifice critical areas of development. When children spend too much time in one thing, they sacrifice development and mastery of other skills.

Recent developments in brain scan research show that teens’ brains are not fully developed until age 25! The prefrontal cortex, develops last, and is important for reasoning and higher executive functions, i.e. areas that determine right and wrong and impulse control… “should I hit my little sister?”, “is God real?”, and “should I steal?” type of brain functioning.

In the digital age, we must be asking what areas of brain development are we forfeiting when parents use digital devices to “babysit” their children hours and hours on end. For teenagers who excessively use video gaming, texting, and other digital devices while the prefrontal cortex is being pruned, their brains may be leaving areas of reasoning and higher executive functions impaired.


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