Counseling Services


Integrity Counseling Group (San Marcos, Carlsbad, Mission Valley)

Hi, I’m Cory Anderson, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who founded Integrity Counseling Group to help teens navigate the challenges of life in a digital world. We’re here to help your teenager establish the healthy relationship and communication habits that will set them up for success as adults.

Teens usually aren’t thrilled about going to therapy, so our therapists devote the first few sessions to establishing rapport and helping your teen identify their personal goals for therapy. We’ve worked with some of the toughest cases out there, including high-risk foster youth, so we’re used to a challenge!

Whether your teen is struggling with social media bullying, too much screen time, video game addiction, or what it means to be a healthy individual, therapy is one of the best investments you can make in their future. We’re here for your teen and your family throughout this process of growth. If you’re wondering about therapy or even whether Camp Unplugged is a good fit, contact us today for an assessment!


The Center for Enriching Relationships (San Diego)

CER exists to empower therapists to heal brokenness. Our vision is to fully equip the next generation of Christian therapists, strategically locate them in our San Diego churches and communities and commit to bring affordable, compassionate and empowering healing to everyone we can.